Stop Settling for Dirty Solar Panels

Choose our solar panel cleaning service in Sonora & Oakdale, CA or beyond

The abundance of sunshine in Sonora & Oakdale, CA is perfect for solar panels. But did you know that solar panels are 25% less effective when they're dirty? You need to call Visibly Clean Window Cleaning today to schedule a solar panel cleaning service. After a solar panel cleaning, studies have shown a 50% boost in the effectiveness of solar panels. Our team uses a chemical-free solution to safely clean your solar panels.

Solar panels are great for the environment and your home. Schedule our solar panel cleaning service today to keep them working at peak performance.

Learn more about our safe cleaning method

Solar panels are delicate and expensive, so they require special care when cleaned. We will:

  • Use water that's been triple filtered
  • Never add harsh chemicals
  • We have an extension tool that allows us to safely reach any panel

Set up our safe solar panel cleaning today by calling 209-916-5310.